Al-Khamees : after ten years of work and giving the forum was able to provide a lot to the Arab media system..

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Lunches from 27 to 30 April the events of the Arab media forum that includes the lunch Kuwait media forum for youth in 27-28 April 2013 under the sponsor of his highness Sheikh Subah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Subah Amir of the state of Kuwait under the slogan “Naji Ali’s session”.

It will lunch on 29 and 30 April 2013 the works of the tenth session of the Arab media forum under the slogan “media and peace” that’s under the sponsor of his highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Subah the prime minister.
And the executive committee of the Arab media forum made sure since two years that includes both Kuwait Media Forum for youth with the work of the regular sessions of the Arab Media Forum so that the participated youth in the events of media forum for youth could interact with the work and regular sessions of the forum the thing that opens the door in front of them to directly increase different media experience that’s participated in the forum regular session through participating and attending a big number of famous media and journalist personalities in the Arab world.
The general secretary of the Arab media forum Madi Abdulla Al-Khamees made sure that the forum this year is distinguished from the rest of the previous sessions, this session is considered celebrating ten years of work and effort and continuous giving in the service of Arab media, adding that the forum was able through a lot of activities that lunches through the past ten years to bring point of views together and come out with a lot of studies and recommendations that contributed in the development of Arab medias forum especially the lunch of the forums work accompanied this rapid development in telecommunication around the world.
Al-Khamees pointed that the body of the Arab media forum didn’t stop there but intensified the pursuit in the field of training, consulting and integrated media studies and has been able to establish global partnerships forum whereby turned to a portal through which gives all new and evolving in the areas of information and communication different, also investing this international companies in training and qualifying Arab to the newest communication and information technology.
Al-Khamees stressed that the forum this year is trying to give a clear message to the world through this year’s slogan “media and peace” so that media is a servant of peace in every society and a group as a whole
Pointing that the youth forum is trying too to give a side of history from journalism and Arabic writing and culture as hole through presenting famous personalities through their slogan and the forum chose this year the late caricaturist “Naji Ali”.
And the Arab media forum witnesses  the presence of many distinguished and known media personalities on the level of the Arab world also a bif number of media stars and writers and journalists and the heads and managers of media institutions and satellite on the level of the Arab world.

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